Namaste and welcome to Yoga Retreats Portugal


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Our natural world has an ebb and flow between the elements that when in balance brings both strength and ease. Once we can realise this, we liberate ourselves from wanting things to be different than they actually are and we enjoy every moment!

Yoga retreats in Portugal is the ideal place for leaving behind the responsibilities of every day life to explore opportunities for personal growth and transformation. Rest and renew your body-breath-mind and spirit. You will find it all here!

During the retreat you will have as much or little time as you like, to do nothing at all but relax and read, or be involved and have the opportunity to learn more about yogic diet, Ayurveda in everyday life, Yoga Therapy, Reiki and many more life enhancing activities.

Since we are located only a few steps away from the beach and we have a beautiful swiming pool, this is your perfect yoga vaccation!

Here we allow yoga to show us all aspects of life, to live more free and full.

Come and enjoy the retreat experience!


10% discount on any retreat booked minimum 3 months in advance!